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How to Maintain Your Flexofold Folding Propeller

What's the best way to care for your folding propeller?

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Folding Propellers vs. Feathering Propellers

When deciding between a folding propeller and a feathering propeller, it might be difficult to determine which type of propeller to go with. So,...

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How does a folding propeller work?

Folding props or not – that’s the big question! At Flexofold we will always choose a folding propeller – and there are many good reasons why. There...

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When and why do you have to replace the anode?

Anodes are there to protect our props from electrolysis. Saltwater tends to speed up the process of electrolysis, which is why awareness of this...

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These are the reasons why you should choose a folding propeller from Flexofold

Reasons to choose a folding propeller from Flexofold

A folding propeller is not a new invention. It is actually more than 100 years old, and even though the technical aspects and the underlying idea are...

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2-blade, 3-blade or 4-blade folding propeller – what should you choose for your sailboat?

2-, 3- or 4-blade folding propeller – what to choose for your sailboat

Whether you, as a boat owner, should choose a 2-blade, a 3-blade or a 4-blade folding propeller is a question that we have been asked a lot here at...

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